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Children of Shanti Sanctuary


The " Children of Shanti Sanctuary", located in Pindamonhangaba - São Paulo -Brazil, rescues and maintains horses that are victims of cruelty and exploitation. There are more than 120 animals, 24 horses, 3 donkeys, 9 cattle, dogs, cats, goats, sheep, chicken, some with serious injuries, fractures, and injuries. It is the only one in the region that treats animals in these conditions. It has existed since 2015. Today the Sanctuary is in an area rented for 5 thousand reais but needs to have its own site so that it can have a better structure. This amount spent on rent could save more horses and every month it is a struggle to cover all expenses.


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Currently, GARRA is responsible for 230 animals, including dogs, cats, sheep, goats and horses, all sheltered in temporary homes. Horses in particular are recovered from trauma and pain suffered due to exploitation and are resocialized.

GARRA's work is focused exclusively on animals that are victims of abuse and abandonment. Each animal rescued by GARRA undergoes screening, where medical examinations and a veterinary consultation are carried out, which will allow vaccination and castration to be carried out, in addition to a behavioral assessment.

After this stage, if released by the veterinarian, the animals are sent to temporary homes or kept under care until they are medically discharged. The emotional health of animals is considered as important as their physical health for the organization.


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