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Knowledge and Wisdom

"Nobody evolves the other, not even for love. Evolution happens through self-knowledge."

- Arly Cravo -  

Self knowledge

The path I took started by discovering the energy vortexes of the human body, called chakras, leading me to spiritual enlightenment. So, my suggestion is that you start from that starting point, studying the meaning and the different methods of harmonizing your energy channels. I propose that you know the harmonization techniques listed below:





Meditation is a technique that develops skills such as concentration, tranquility and a focus on the present. When we think of meditation, images of great Buddhist masters, or people with great emotional discipline, come to mind. But the truth is far from it.

Beach Yoga

Yoga is known to be a practice capable of bringing positive feelings, such as relaxation and tranquility. However, what few people know is that the modality has several health benefits, applied to all types of people, ranging from disease treatment, pain relief to better preparation for childbirth.

Homem na natureza

Naturotherapy analyzes and treats the patient , taking into account several aspects , such as physical, energetic, emotional and social, which is why it can be said that Naturotherapy is a Holistic Therapy, that is, it treats the being as a whole. . The focus is for the client to show progressive improvement, seeking to rebalance these aspects in each session.


Crystallotherapy, or crystal therapy, is one of the methods used to realign energies and even assist in the treatment of diseases. The method is ancient and uses the force of crystals and precious stones to realign the energies of the chakras present in the human body.

Crystals are physical structures that have a molecular pattern that is distributed in an equidistant and symmetrical way, and this gives them the property of emanating a perfect vibration pattern. This perfect pattern of vibration is what the ancients felt as a "good" and balancing energy, and most of us can also feel it from crystals.



The energy of the hands

Tratamento Reiki

Reiki is a technique considered as integrative therapy, in which the therapist (or Reikian master) extends his hands under parts of the patient's body to channel universal vital energy in order to restore physical balance, regularize his vital functions and balance the mental field and emotional.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The method is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is also applied in the Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS), through the National Policy for Integrative and Complementary Practices , which includes other alternative treatments, such as meditation , art therapy, music therapy , naturopathic treatment and chiropractic .


Bach Flowers

High frequency music

Ervas medicinais

The use of therapeutic plants to cure diseases and improve the quality of life, has existed since the most primitive era, but with the passage of time and addiction to chemical medicines, it has made people lose knowledge of how to use the benefits of plants.


Created by an English doctor in the 1930s, the Bach flower essences are essences of flowers and plants that can be used as a complementary treatment against diseases and emotional imbalances. they have no side effects or contraindications,

Música Alta frequência.jpg

The frequencies are measured in hertz (Hz), that is, they are the vibrations that are emitted per second. All the songs we listen to have a frequency capable of putting a specific vibration in people.

We are a family owned and operated business.

You can easily see this when you hear a song that makes you melancholy or one that gives you a positive emotion. It is through these frequencies that we capture the vibration that each song brings us. Knowing this, always pay attention to the type of music you listen to.

Affirmation phrases

Positive Affirmations are positive phrases that you repeat to yourself in order to strengthen that thought in your subconscious.

It is a form of self-suggestion that when practiced repeatedly changes our way of thinking for the better. Some examples:

  • "I am capable and I can achieve my goals."

  • "I have incredible talents and I will use them."

  • “Creative energy comes out of me and leads me to brilliant ideas.”

  • "I am patient and I can stay calm in difficult situations."

The key is to keep repeating the same sentence every day so that, over time, your brain gets conditioned and believes in what you are saying to yourself. In this way, they work to strengthen our belief in our potential. Consequently they help to change our attitudes, behaviors and habits, changing our lives for the better.

Image by Darius Bashar
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